1. How do I get started?

2. What is the difference between "Talk to industry insiders" and "Send questions to industry insiders"?

3. Why does it ask me whether I want to create the questionnaire myself?

4. Where can I get ideas for the questions I should ask?

5. What is the process if I want to create the questionnaire myself?

6. How soon will my project be active?

7. What is the payment process? Is it secure?

8. How can I contact you? How fast can I get answers to my questions?

9. What is included in the project cost?

10. The industry insiders I want to interview aren't listed. What should I do?

11. Can I order a project with complex parameters: in several countries or across multiple industries?

12. What if you cannot fulfill my order?

13. How do you qualify the industry insiders that I would like to interview?

14. Where do you find the industry insiders?

15. Can you find me an industry celebrity, like Bill Gates for example?