b2bresearch.com was born in 2014, when two grad students met on the world-renowned Strategy and Innovation programme at the University of Oxford.

One of the stories they studied on the programme particularly caught their attention:

A firm that manufactured cleaning robots was looking for different markets for their technology.

Their best guess was to sell the robot as a swimming pool cleaner. Then one day, a chance encounter with an oil rig engineer revealed that it costs a huge amount of money to raise the drill-bit out of the water each time it needs cleaning. This was the perfect market for the cleaning robot – it could dive underwater and clean the drill-bit for a fraction of the cost.

Happy accidents like these have led to some of the greatest breakthroughs in history. But what if we could create these lightbulb moments, not by accident, but by design?

Thus, b2bresearch.com was created to enable innovators and marketers to talk to industry insiders in any niche you can imagine. By connecting ideas and knowledge from diverse sources we aim to spark the ideas on which entire new industries are built.

A brand new approach backed by extensive experience

Our online platform provides a revolutionary way to gain key market insights – it’s so simple and convenient to make contact with industry insiders that would be practically impossible to reach otherwise.

The secret to making this work is the extensive experience of our team. Headed up by seasoned professionals, they have built an enviable global network of industry insiders in impossible to reach niches. Quality control on all projects is carried out by degree level sociologists to ensure that we provide you with the best possible insights.

Why us?

There simply is no quicker or simpler way to unlock a whole world of knowledge that could transform your business.

Go on, challenge us to find any industry insider you could think of!